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Who we are

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CITAD is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that is committed to the use of information and communication technologies for development and promotion of good governance. It was established first as a single project (Computer Literacy Project) in 1996 but was expanded in 2000 to include other projects. Now it incorporates six different thematic units.

CITAD sees technology as tool to promote sustainable development, good government and peaceful coexistence. It uses ICT to empower youth and women through access to information, skills and online mentoring opportunities. It utilizes such platforms such as social networking, web-to-text interface and tools such as Google alert to provide information that would promote peaceful coexistence. It uses Google alerts to source information about trends of discussion in various platforms, sites and online discussion lists and sites with a view to understanding treads, attitudes and positions such that it can develop appropriate responses to those that are similarly disseminated to either reinforce positive trends or counter and neutralize negative ones.

It has two other offices located in Dutse (Jiagawa State) and Bauchi (Azare) as well as three outreach units located in Gombe , Yobe and Bauchi States.

Vision is: A knowledge-based democratic society free of hunger


Mission is Using ICTs to empower citizens for a just and knowledge based society that is anchored on sustainable and balanced development